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Stop A Bully always recommends to students that they talk to their parent/guardian, or a school staff member, regarding any incident of harassment or violence at school.

For severe cases of violence or threat of harm we recommend that students, or their parents, contact the RCMP or local police immediately for assistance.

Stop A Bully is for 'non-emergency' reporting as it is not monitored 24 hours per day - if a student needs immediate assistance or counselling they should contact the Kids Help Phone.

All information that is submitted on the Bully Report form will be forwarded to the Principal and Counselor of the school.

Any photos or video that are included as evidence will also be forwarded to the Principal and Counselor of the school.

Complete and specific details of any incident are always needed in order for action to be taken by school staff.

Although your name may not be included on the form it is possible from the incident details that the school staff may determine who submitted the form. It is possible that they may approach you directly to offer assistance and/or collect more information.

Stop A Bully has no control over the actions (or lack of action) of a school in dealing with Bully Reports, but we encourage every school to use the reported details in taking all steps necessary to stop the harassment. In submitting a Bully Report, all users agree to the Terms of Use.

If a Principal is unreachable or declines to read INCIDENT REPORTS we will not be able to provide any assistance with that particular school.

It is unlawful to make accusations that are untrue, with any such submissions your IP address and/or school account may be passed along to authorities for investigation.

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